The surface of stretch ceilings may be different textures, colours and shades. We offer you a choice of wide selection of colours and different textures: silk, satin, matte, translucent, lacquer, metallic, and perforated.

A variety of colors and textures enables you to create unique solutions in ceiling design.

Matte stretch ceilings are perfect for any room. Pastel shades of matte stretch ceiling will give your room a sense of comfort. The matte surface creates an impression of roughness and looks like an ordinary classic ceiling while being  perfectly flat. Ideal for a classic interior.

Satin stretch ceiling have an ideally smooth surface with pearl effect, which gives a unique advantage. Satin ceilings look aesthetic, elegant and suitable for any room: bathroom or kitchen, dining room, living room or  bedroom.

Lacque (glossy) stretch ceilings are becoming more popular, because these ceilings visually enlarges the room, expands the space and have a variety of colours (over 120 colours and shades). The surface of glossy stretch ceilings create mirror effect and beautifully reflect the interior.

Translucent stretch ceilings are a film that transmits light. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, light-transmitting stretch ceiling are the perfect choice. The material softens and disperses the light, falling from above, and the ceiling is illuminated. During the day you can enjoy a peaceful white ceiling colour and in the evening the ceiling create a unique lighting effect in your interior. You can also experiment with lighting colours.


Unlike other false-ceiling options, stretch ceilings can be printed on. The ability to print on the ceiling allows  to create beauty and unforgettable interior  in your home where you can enjoy the sky, stars, flowers, or just different patterns.
Printed designs on stretch ceilings give an almost unlimited ability of options to complement a room’s decor.