Preparation requirements for the room for the installation of stretch ceilings are:
Before installing stretch ceilings, it is desirable to take into account the following conditions:

  • When installing the profile, the wall side should be well aligned, without any damage.
  • At a basic ceiling installation, all the necessary system of ventilation, air conditioning and electrical wiring should be in place.
  • From the main ceiling removing all sharp objects, debris that could be damage, or dirty stretch membrane during installation of the ceiling must be done.
  • Stretched ceiling should be installed before painting walls and applying wallpaper.
  • After measurements the perimeter of the room must not be changed.
  • In cold weather, the room must be heated and not have a draft.
  • The main ceiling should be clean and no excess of paint and plaster.
  • Clearly mark the place of installation of chandeliers, lamps, air moves, and alarms.
  • Free access to the wall around the perimeter, the furniture should be brought closer to the center. The distance between the furniture and the ceiling must be at least 30 – 40 cm.